Here you’ll find a list of what we’re doing at Rushmore this year in order to make your holiday shopping season seamless

Gift Wrapping!!!

We know it’s all about the presentation (get it, “present”ation—I digress), and here at Rushmore we want to make sure you’re all set this holiday season. When you purchase your gifts from Rushmore, gift wrapping is always free. Like to do it yourself? No problem! We can supply you with tissue and boxes for your Rushmore purchases. 


Curbside Pick Up

With all the craziness happening, it’s our pleasure to deliver your purchases straight to your car. You can call us to place the order and agree on a time that you’ll swing by to pick up your order, or you order online, select the “In Store Pickup” option at checkout, and give us a call during the store’s open hours so we can run your order out. 


In Store Pick Up

If you still want to come inside to pick up your orders that’s okay, too! We love to see your beautiful masked faces and will never complain over in-store pick-ups. Simply place your orders over the phone or online by selecting the “In Store Pickup” option at checkout. Verify your name when you head into the store, and we’ll have your order ready to go! 


Wish Lists

Buying the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be difficult, but not if you have a wish list to work from. We’re more than happy to jot down styles and sizes for you as you shop around this holiday season. Just let us know that you’d like to start a wish list and we will keep track of all your favorites for you. Then send your loved ones into Rushmore, and we will help them find the items on your list. 


Gift Cards

We have gift certificates year-round, but recently we’ve stepped up our game and have put together the cutest holiday gift cards. Purchase them in store or over the phone, and we can arrange pick-up in store, or we can mail them directly to the recipient. 



Don’t want to hassle with mailing your gifts this year? When you purchase your gifts from Rushmore, we can mail them for you! You cover the shipping cost, and we’ll do the rest! Easy-peasy.

*If we're missing anything that you think we should offer please shoot us an email and we will do what we can to accommodate.